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Vocals with Lokka Bundle

'Vocals With Lokka Bundle' is a 3-in-1 mega bundle of the best selling vocal series from Function Loops. Inside this bargain collection you will get all the three volumes of 'Vocals With Lokka' sample packs for a discounted price. This is your chance to get some massive vocals for your tracks and spice up your productions.

Psy Trance Energy
Psy Trance Energy

Psy Trance Energy features eight high-energy construction kits that will instantly inspire you!

ProZone Series: Gigi Barocco

Audiozone Samples is announcing the begin of a new era! Pro Zone series is the brand new serie of releases made by internationally acclaimed artists that can really push your soundset forward. For the first release we choosen an incredible italian Sound Engineer, Producer, DJ and Showman… Mr. Gigi Barocco! This pack contain 65 presets for one of the most used soft-synth in electronic music: NI Massive. Gigi Barocco engineered for Audiozone Samples’ Pro Zone series a various kind of sounds, great to be filled in all side of EDM's productions as Dubstep, Trap, Electro, House, Progressive, Techno, Drum’n’Bass, Moombahton and more...

EDM Drum Kicks Volume 1
EDM Drum Kicks Volume 1
Premier Sound Bank

EDM Kick Drums Vol 1' from Premier Sound Bank brings both versatility and distinctive sounds straight to your studio. Although suitable for almost all genres of EDM, the pack puts emphasis on genres such as Progressive House, Trap, Electro House, Deep House, Trance, and even Hardstyle

Sylenth 1 Presets - Trance and Dance

MH – Sylenth 1 Presets for Trance and Dance from Midi House features their 50 must-have presets  for Trance, Dance, House, Electro, Progressive and Minimal genres. Inside you can find a bonus construction kit. Listen these demo tracks and take  this pack for your next massive Trance track.  Listen these demo tracks and get this pack for your next massive Trance track.

Vanishing Points: FM8 Minimal Synth Presets

'Vanishing Points: FM8 Minimal Synth Presets' from ModeAudio has it all: rumbling Basses, lilting Chord progressions and solid Synths. This is the Minimal preset pack you need whether you're looking for flights of airborne fancy or a dancefloor workout with a difference.

Spectral Surface: Massive Texture Presets

'Spectral Surface: Massive Texture Presets' from ModeAudio is an explosion of textures and SFX. From chaotic, fracturing impacts and heavy, rolling bass contours to gaseous sound masses and eerie drones, this pack has enough sonic energy to give you visions.

Machine Attacks: Drum Hits

'Machine Attacks: Drum Hits' brings the percussive fire and the fury, offering 238 electronic drum hits from ModeAudio's personal vault of drum damage. Give your tracks a bombastic boost with this selection of hand-crafted and hand-picked kicks, snares, claps, hats, percussion, and more.

Klang: Found Percussion Hits

We've searched homes and work spaces high and low to collect this assortment of characterful, offbeat found percussion sounds. This is Klang - Found Percussion Hits, the meticulously recorded, intricately performed set of unique Percussion sounds that'll spice up even the driest of drum grooves.

Dust Road: Massive Vintage Presets

Handmade circuitry, aged and worn over time and frequent use; filters, oscillators and effects that never quite stay still, forever shuffling and swaying according to their own internal rhythms; glowing output cables, converting energy to heat as well as electricity and eventually sound - and all the while the dust drifts casually down, perfectly mirroring the crumbly, smokey sonic flavour of the technology it so often covers.

Dubstep Metropolis: Massive Synth Presets

Get ready for the growl...if the Wobble is Dubstep's battle cry then nothing has a more menacing howl than Massive! We've locked ourselves away with this demonic synth and this Dubstep Presets pack is the deadly result - we can not safely say our sanity will ever fully recover!

Critical Mass: Massive Drum Presets

Shadows descend on monolithic skyscrapers, deserted streets and rusting warehouses but with them comes a sound, snarling across the rooftops. This head-case of a Synth Loops pack has broken free - the synths are insane; the bass is deranged and there's no calming them down!

Atomic SFX: Dance Hits & Loops

A meticulously crafted collection of the most essential SFX for electronic music, all in one place. We've overheated the generator, fired up the rail gun and smashed atoms together to the bring you Atomic SFX, a sample and loop pack that has the kinetic power to light up tracks across the Dance music spectrum!

Analogue Experiments: Synth Loops & Textures

'Analogue Experiments: Synth Loops & Textures' brings you the sound of unstable oscillators, mangled filters, hair-raising amplifiers and crackling faders - ModeAudio welcomes you to the world of a classic analogue synth on the edge of oblivion! Up from the depths comes 120 crazed synth loops courtesy of EMS Synthi A - one of the most characterful and intriguing analogue synths ever known.

Midi Pack: Big Room Trance Chords Vol 2

'Midi Pack : Big Room Trance Chords Vol 2' from Midi House features 12 of the most current-sounding Midi Trance Construction Kits. Taking inspiration from the Euro Trance scene, these 47 MIDI Samples are ready to mix and match for endless possibilities.

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